Give Your Investors a Detailed Snapshot of Your Operation

Give Your Investors a Detailed Snapshot of Your Operation

Cristina Olson Tax Service can prepare your quarterly reports

When you want a clear picture of your company's finances, choose Cristina Olson Tax Service to organize your quarterly reports.

Your reports will include income statements, cash-flow statements and other documents needed to provide a transparent overview of your business. Cristina Olson Tax Service is home to the experienced tax specialist you've been looking for.

We'll analyze your corporate documents every three months and compile them in easy-to-read reports. Call Cristina Olson Tax Service in Charlotte at 704-525-1762 for a free consultation.

Hire our bilingual tax specialist now

Cristina Olson Tax Service has been the accounting firm of choice for Spanish- and English-speaking communities for over 20 years. Besides quarterly reports, we can also help you with:

  • Small business payroll
  • Bank statement reconciliation

Schedule an appointment as soon as possible and ask about how you can get a 10% discount.